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What is OCPP?

Gregory Johnson

Co-Founder and CEO

What is OCPP?

Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) is the shared language between Electric Vehicle Charging Stations and data exchanged with EV Charge Software vendors. Today most EV Chargers do not support this open protocol. The standards adoption will grow as more providers rush to scale and expand their EV networks due to favorable regulation and funding  in the US. 

OCPP is now a protocol DataGovs support on our platform to help deploy better EV data solutions across providers at scale.

How does It work?

If devices speak the same language it makes it easier to detect, monitor, and improve operations. Standards like OCPP support this in an open way for networks of electric vehicle charger stations. 

Perks of the OCPP standard

  • Open Source – The standard makes it easy for others to contribute and access because the code is public.
  • Free Standard – The standard is free to adopt and is not limited by proprietary software costs or licensing.
  • Open Market – The standard supports an open market of innovation by creating options for providers.

Who’s Involved 

The Open Charge Alliance (OCA) is a global consortium of public and private players promoting the standard. 

OCA was founded in 2014.




$1.2 Trillion Infrastructure Bill by US President


OCPP 2.0.1 is published


The Official OCPP 1.6 Certification Program is launched


OCPP 2.0 is published

Promoting Open Data 

At DataGovs we built data services and software that supports firms to deliver OCPP on top of an API that will support better communication between manufacturers, software providers, and installers of EV Charge Stations. 

EV Charging API for Operators & Developers with DataGovs:

  • Save Time: Implementing OCPP from scratch by recommending your developers and engineer teams to use our free API. Launch in weeks not months better data communication.
  • Connectivity: Use us to find the right SIM card and connectivity solution at scale across all your devices, assets, and 3rd party dashboards. 
  • Trusted Compatibility: Support a wide range of OCPP compatible charging stations while testing for quality data and device support.
  • Get ready for scale: Whether it’s 1 or a thousand chargers we can integrate with charging management providers at a pricing that meets the needs of a startup or an enterprise.
To learn more about DataGovs, check out more at To get started with connecting and monitoring your EV check out: 

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