Connected Data Devices Decisions for better operations

Join 3,000+ devices from teams who use DataGovs to trust data and make decisions. Our software enforces compliance and data quality across systems, clouds, and apps.

What is DataGovs?

DataGovs offers services for teams and organizations to operationalize data through each process to drive outcomes and make decisions.





Link data sources and apps then pick a cloud(s) to store your data.

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Process data remotely to enforce policies while observing data quality.

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Automate workflows to remove tedious tasks and improve services. 


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Connect Data

Your business depends on collaboration between different people and organizations. Questions around data quality and relevance are hard to answer across big data.  DataGovs helps you understand the mass amounts of data collection happening in a way that scales and supports policies across data access and sharing.


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Remote Asset Monitoring

for Connected Operations

Enforce Policies

Data Governance is a manual time-intensive process. DataGovs automates repetitive tasks and makes it easier for your company to do priority tasks. Companies can improve workflows by managing their data policies in one place to remain industry compliant and reduce risk.

Automate Systems

Spending time creating reports and herding all of your sensitive operational data is a priority. DataGovs Business rules help you build workflows to see every data point you care about in one place. This helps you get near teal time visibility across operations, remotely.



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