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Active Data Dictionary

Your metadata needs to be documented. We help you describe what that structure looks like and the relationship with other data.

Enforce Data Policy

Your organization has policies and so does your data. Create those and ensure its enforce across your apps and systems.

Data Access Control

Data can't be fully utilized in silo's. Reduce barriers and create paths by monitoring who has access to your data streams.

Audit and Reporting

Creating reports is a part of the job. We help you automate those workflows and focus on priority tasks.

Monitor operations with confidence

DataGovs offers cloud data governance for enterpise IoT and AI

Link your data sources or applications then store them on a cloud of your choice to set a foundation for data governance. 

Use DataGovs to gain full visibility of your data access, sharing, and compliance. 

After building policies for data control on the cloud use DataGovs to detect problems early by automating systems.