About Us

At DataGovs.com, our mission is to make
data work for organizations one team at a time.

We build monitoring tools to deliver reliable, accurate, and compliant data.
Teams use DataGovs to avoid loss of time and money.

What We Believe

The world's operations run on data. We want you to have the power and support to ensure it's reliable data.

Poor data quality impacts business costs, revenue, and time. What if teams could detect, prevent, and resolve data issues with automation? With DataGovs, we started by helping teams monitor license compliance data for critical operations.
That way teams can focus on building and executing not fixing issues because of data downtime or lack of data compliance.

Who We Are 

We're as diverse as the data apps we help monitor for customers.

Founded by Gregory Johnson and Ngoma Mbaku during a Stanford University Research Project. Both founders worked decades into building enterprise software for Fortune 500s and high-growth startups. but it was while organizing a large open-source developer meetup that they noticed reliable data was a pain for startup and growth companies in new markets. 

We set out to help solve this problem and help teams deliver on the promise of data. We leveraged our community and networks to build DataGovs to address quality monitoring needs starting with license compliance.  


Gregory Johnson
CEO & Founder

Before DataGovs, Greg built data systems for insurers, third-party administrators, and regulatory agencies. He was an early employee for 2 acquired data startups Tesser Health and PxSource. Later he joined Microsoft where he worked on Digital Transformation and AI for Good. Greg started the 3rd largest partnership between Code for America in the state of Florida. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Florida International University and is a JSK Stanford University alumni.

Ngoma Mbaku, M.E.M
CTO & Founder

Before DataGovs, Ngoma built mobile and payment applications while leading engineering teams for companies like Trimble, Costco, Comcast, and Vizio. Ngoma speaks 4 languages and has built apps to serve millions of users for enterprise organizations with AI-assists and IoT device data. Ngoma holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Florida International University and a Master’s in Engineering Management from Arkansas State University.