DataGovs Monitoring | Use Cases

Monitor licensing compliance across operations from State-By-State, Software, Open Source, and more.

Mobility Monitoring

Monitor data quality for regulatory compliance and data sharing for electric vehicles in municipalities. 

Quickstart | Demo

Insurance Monitoring

Verify existing coverage for vendors and state licenses for insurance brokers for asset utilization.  


Hotspot Monitoring

Train apps to detect indoor and outdoor hotspot issues in regulatory compliance for internet service providers. 

Traffic Monitoring

Train apps to detect issues and violations using Traffic Camera – images or video in safety compliance.

Building Monitoring

Train apps to detect building permit issues and violations in regulatory compliance. See GitHub

Safety Complaint Monitoring

Monitor customer-facing apps to ensure reliable and accessible use of public datasets. 


Safety Precautions Monitoring

Train your app to monitor when masks or helmets are being correctly worn to detect safety violations.

Solid Waste Monitoring

Train apps to use Image or Video data to detect numerous waste types and performance. 

Air Quality Monitoring

Train apps to detect air quality pollution across sensors in buildings or spaces.

Flood Monitoring

Train apps to detect flooding indoor or outdoor in compliance and share data with insurers.