Compliance Monitoring Software 

Regulatory Monitoring for Cannabis Operations

Save time and money by using DataGovs for regulatory compliance across your locations, integrations, and operations. 

US States with Cannabis Business Licenes

How DataGovs Works

Connect, automate, and monitor apps

Step 1 - Onboard

Link your apps (e.g PoS, eCom, Payment)

Step 2 - Verify

Verify data in one place

Step 3 - Monitor

See changes, issues, and incidents

All in one monitoring across apps

  • License Monitors – Track expiration, renewals, and relevant data for state-issues licensed.
  • Monitor Documents – Manage all your documents across integrations.
  • Violation Monitoring – Get ready for audits by tracking issues in one place
  • License Monitors – Track expiration, renewals, and relevant data for state-issues licensed.
  • Inspection Monitoring – Track audits and site inspections for regulatory compliance.
  • Enforcement Monitoring – Streamline enforcements for violations, fees, and inspections.
  • License Monitors – Verify state-issued license for agents and Cannabis-related businesses.
  • Regulatory Updates – Get notified of changes at the regulatory level in states of choice.
  • Risk Monitoring – Verify that vendors have existing coverage and get notified of issues

  • Monitor data changes

    DataGovs integrates with your existing apps and monitors State-based license compliance to ensure compliance and coverage.

    All in one monitoring can detect, prevent, and resolve issues in data operations

    State-Level Monitoring 

    DataGovs connects to every State’s Public Data Feeds (API) to determine license compliance and our software can integrate with sources of truth like METRC and other systems. Others don’t, just ask.
    With 30+ integrations with apps, you use for daily operations.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    For Cannabis-related Businesses

    No. DataGovs Inc, “DataGovs”, is not a government agency. DataGovs is a software service that pulls State-Level license data and compliance policies to provide the services mentioned.

    No. 38 states and the District of Columbia (D.C.) have legalized some form of medical marijuana. Recreational marijuana is legal in 19 states and D.C.

    The division between state and federal status makes it difficult for businesses to receive inclusive, affordable coverage and often leaves policyholders with restrictive plans.

    Verify data on license compliance and plug up-to-date coverage information.

    • Monitor your carrier/ agencies / MGAs to have active license compliance for financial and state-level operations using the software. 
    • Securely share data to help mitigate risks to help insurers better understand risk. 
    • Integrate with existing apps to ensure you keep record of compliance across each new tool.