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What is MDS?

Team DataGovs


What is MDS?

October 18, 2021 – The Mobility Data Specification (MDS) is a shared language and technical standard between cities and Shared Mobility Operators to share private data. Over 130+ cities use this to share data related to electric bikes, scooters, mopeds, and other modes of transportation. 

The sharing economy has promoted new modes of electric transit to catch up with cities like the LA Department of Transportation led the charge with a steward that could help them use data to create better policies to monitor operations. Cities are places where citizens move around taking various modes of public and private transportations. 

How does It work?

A shared language for Mobility Data that is specified under a standardized data sharing via an Application Program Interface (API). 

  • Provider – allows private mobility companies to report data to cities, number, location, status, and ride history.

  • Policy – rules for how and where vehicles can operate by fleet size, and other high-level initiatives.

  • Agency – allows real-time updates and collaboration between city officials and providers.

How’s it used?

The Open Mobility Foundation (OMF) is a foundation that creates a governance structure around open-source mobility tools of public sector leaders that have come together to promote better standards.

The OMF governs and updates the Mobility Data Specification (MDS). OMF was founded in 2019 and here are the organizations they work with by type.

DataGovs Involvement

At DataGovs, we digitize physical operations to increase safety, efficiency and enable sustainable operations. Open standards like MDS are key drivers to move industries like Light Electric forward. This is why we as a vendor support an out-the-box compliance service for Organizations.  

DataGovs Inc is not a member of the Open Mobility Foundation. We strongly support vendor-agnostic systems and this is why our API does not lock any user of our services into using our services alone.  We govern data-sharing leveraging existing agreements of public and private data.

Use DataGovs as your MDS software provider

We offer free MDS API services in monitoring public data generated from Shared Mobility and Governments. For private data, we offer a low-cost API Management for regulatory compliance and add-on services for customers to advance their operations. 

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