DataGovs for Efficiency

Manage and direct physical operations on the go.

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Works with the following Data Policies:

Global Positioning System (GPS)

Using your mobile phone's GPS we offer top level field and customer service monitoring.

Mobility Data Specification (MDS)

The Mobility Data Specification helps you track electric scooters and bikes at the local level.

Electronic Logging Device (ELD)

The Electronic Logging Device is a legal requirement for commercial motor vehicle to record driving.

Less phone calls, text messages, and emails.

Minimize time on the phone or receiving messages on your phone by having a single place to professionally monitor your progress on the web or phone.

Save battery life with live location active only in motion.

Save battery on your phone with live location only active when your worker is moving.

Reports and Exports

We create reports on routes of staff, work hours, and performance of your device assets in the field. You can export this using PDF, JPG, CSV or in a spreadsheet.

Track your assets and workers in the field.

Know where your operations are running and how its going with visibility in the field of assets and workers. Use DataGovs to monitor assets and lower violations.

Track routes and data history

Use DataGovs to track trips, services, and routes that can be stored on your cloud or spreadsheet of choice.

Alerts and Geo-Fencing

Get notified at specific areas with GeoFence and get notification on services on your phone or email. Be alerted when staff leaves an area or when a device has low battery.