DataGovs Mobile

A single dashboard and app for monitoring data assets

Connect, automate, and detect issues all in a single dashboard or app.

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The DataGovs Process

Build and manage data throughout a pipeline

Connect Data

Select support devices or connect data for the assets or sources you wish to automate.

Improve Data

Setup in your dashboard or app automation using our rule engine or machine learning.

Monitor Data

Leverage your dashboard or app to monitor assets, workers, and isssues in the field.


Connect Data or Select Devices

Your data exists in a spreadsheet, web app, or cloud somewhere. Pick where you want to pull data or select supported devices we integrate with to start automating manual processes.

Transform & Load

We’ll standardized the data pulled from supported devices, assets, and sources into a single dashboard or place for your team. You can track data access and automate simple reporting formats.


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Setup & Tracking

If you found supported devices or assets we integrate with we’ll help you setup so you can start automatically pulling data from IoT, Fleets, Sensors and Vehicles then help you get that in a dashboard.

Monitor Goals

We’ll setup key performance indicators for safety, efficency, and sustainability so you can track your goals across your data in one place. If successful, you can scale up efforts across new data sources or supported devices.