DataGovs Mobile - Issue Management

Manage fleets on the go by collaborating and making reports with DataGovs Mobile.

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Issue Governance

Establish policies then direct teams and mange issues faster in the field to comply.

Identify Issues

Monitor issues from your phone related to data, fleets, and electric vehicles.

Resolve Issues

Monitor safety and compliance in the field for 3rd party providers.

Analyze Data

Faster reports on your tool of choice from spreadsheet to DB to data visualization.


Monitor operations

If your in the office, at home, or in the field you’ll be able to stay on top of operations. Use data as a tool to decrease¬†uptime and increase profits.

  • Our mobile app lets you inspect and report issues anywhere.

  • Teams can also automate issue reporting to validate issue priority, send alerts, and more.

  • Coordinate with internal or external teams for each issue at the vehicle level.

  • Track resolution and create an audit trail for reporting.

Resolve issues

Track issues in real-time from vehicle, equipment or reported staff issues. Drive outcomes for faster resolutions, safer operations, and a system of record for operational history.

  • Track issues and work on them in real-time.

  • Integrate with 3rd party tools like Zendesk, Google Sheets, or others.

  • Report issues and send data to the right reporting tools like PowerBI or Tableau.

  • Store data on the cloud without deep technical expertise.