Data API - Out the box compliance

Deliver data while monitoring compliance and safety with our Data API.

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Trusted by world class partners

Deliver trusted data for mobility operations

Integrate and deliver data using our RESTful API for OCPP, MDS, and Open311 protocols.

OCPP for Charge Stations

Rely on our cloud-based infrastructure to monitor electric vehicles, charge station, and fleets .

MDS for Compliance

Track Mobility Data for light EVs, Charge Stations, and autonomous vehicles.

Time-saving features

Integrate issue management to maintain fleets while analyzing data for reports.

Your team will thank you

One place for data governance for your whole team

Eliminate data silos by tracking shared goals. Help your team of operators, developers, and business leaders to monitor safety compliance.

  • Integrate in minutes with Governance Mobility Data Specification (G-MDS) programmatically.

  • Configure account settings for better API Management and usage tracking.

  • Create full visibility of operations and regulatory shifts city by city.

  • Deliver faster response on safety, sustainability, and efficency.