Data API: Data Access & Sharing

A standardized API that unifies data from APIS, Assets, Sensors, and Fleets.

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The Standard API for Data Governance

Integrate and deliver data using our RESTful API for OCPP, MDS, and Open311 protocols.

Electrification of Fleets

Rely on our cloud-based infrastructure to monitor electric vehicles, charge station, and fleets .

Compliance & ELD

Monitor fleets of vehicles, equippment, assets, and workers tracking time in the field.

Data Management

Connect and manage your data from devices and operations using DataGovs in a single control panel.

EV Compliance for Suppliers, Operators, and Cities

  • Build custom EV software applications.

  • Real-Time change tracking for alerts and events

  • Fees, Safety, Violations, and issue management via dedicated APIS

  • REST APIs and SDKS that can scale in new locations

  • Integrate with data standards like MDS (Mobility Data Specification),¬† OCPP for EV Charging Networks.


IoT Device Management and Maintenance for Organizations of all sizes

  • Get a real-time or historical GPS and onboarding data

  • Create, manage, and track routes for workflows

  • Manage forms and contract agreements for IoT Devices

  • Integrate with maintenance and work order systems for inspections and reports.

  • Manage addresses and locations¬†