Better Data, Better Workflows

 Train your apps to detect, monitor, and recognize things to speed up operational workflows. Setup rules to automate notifications and workflows in your dashboard.

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Reduce costs

Using your existing data find ways to lower operation costs and visibility.

Improve performance

Machine learning and AI is here to help you with your assets and work. Not replace you.

Better Data

Structure your data by classifying it in ways that makes it easy for reuse or reports.


Data Classification

Classify all your data types to automate processes.

From image, audio, text, and time-series data. You can use Datagovs to help classify your unstructured data then find models to speed up your workflow.


Prep your data

Test your ML models and review outcomes.

Use our data discovery models to test new ways to improve work. Experiment methods to save time and measure performance using your existing data.


Better decisions with data

Add your model to your DataGovs solution.

Use the models you tested and implement them in your DataGovs solution to drive better outcomes for your team.

Monitor Safety