DataGovs Pricing

No upfront costs – pay for data processed and services used.

Pay As You Go

Pay for data processed and services for scale.


All your data, analytics, and sensors in one place.
$0.90 per Data Credits processed*
  • Out The Box Dashboards for Key Metrics
  • Get plug and play sensors options for operations.
  • Integrates with top cloud and 3rd party apps
  • Data Integrations
  • Asset Monitoring
  • Cost Management
  • 3rd Party Device Support
  • Curated Sensor 

Volume-Based Discount

Get discounts for annual commitments for use.


All your automations and AI options for scale.
$2.50 per Data Credits processed*
  • Train your apps to do things with automation.
  • Get alerts and process flow integrations
  • Assigned Account Manager
  • Performance Analytics
  • Train apps with automation
  • Custom Integrations 

Frequently Asked Questions

A DataGovs Credit (DC) is a normalized unit of processing power on the DataGovs Governance for measuring and pricing based on usage. The number grows as more data is processed across connect operations - devices and machines.

Each credit cost $0.90 per credit, but the number of credits used depend on the data connected and automated:

  • API 
  • Database
  • Sensors 
  • Machines
  • Phones

Your forecast will look different depending on your plan. Use our calculator. Or optional review plans monthly or annual commitment for your operations.

"Data Credits" translates to $0.90 USD for 1 Data Credit. This can be in fiat or crypto.

We will notify you early and offer some insights to buy more credits. Without a response, we will typically send up to 3 warnings before stopping the service. You can get more credits in fiat or crypto.

Yes, we send invoices.

Yes, for enterprise clients we use purchase orders which we send at the end of usage. Clients with enterprise plans can reach out to us at