Use Case


Manage and monitor data moving across cloud apps and systems. All in one place using DataGovs.

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Cloud Data Governance

Link Cloud Apps

Connect your data from cloud apps with a few clicks using DataGovs to map data.

Govern Data

Set internal or external data policies while moving data from one place to the next to ensure quality.

Train models

Use DataGovs rule engine to train models of data for safety and compliance across clouds.

Geographic-based policies.

DataGovs Connections product helps you track various policies at the local or federal level. Some customers use us to track mobility data or electric logging devices to prevent violations.

Connect to your cloud using data sources or devices.

DataGovs Connections product helps you easily connect all your data sources: local, device, cloud, or multiple clouds storage. Using DataGovs you can monitor access and ensure data usability across processes.

Control your data and who has access.

With DataGovs Governance, you can control all your data in one place. Using our dashboard or mobile app you can see how your assets and workers. Your data is stored on your cloud and with DataGovs you can move it without worrying about policies.

Ensure your data quality.

DataGovs Governance products gives you a place to monitor and measure the quality of data being processed then stored on your cloud.