DataGovs on Azure Cloud  

Why pay for what you don’t use?

Pay As You Go

Simple usage-based pricing means you don’t get locked into big contracts.


Unify data while securing data shared across clouds.
$1.30 per DataGovs Units (DGU) / hourly
  • DataGovs Connections API
  • 3-5 Data Sources
  • 1 Data WareHouse Destination
  • Source data from cloud and IoT tools.
  • Send your data to unlimited places.
  • Create your own IoT data sources
  • Transform + load data into warehouse.

Volume-Based Discounts

Discounts trigger as your usage grows, so you always get a fair price.


Control your data and track issues across the lifecycle.
$2.50 per DataGovs Units (DGU) / hourly
  • API Management
  • DataGovs Dashboard and Mobile
  • Data Access Control
  • Data Access Controls 
  • Mobile Data Governance
  • Dedicated Support
  • On-Demand Videos
  • Account Security

Committed-Use Discount

Talk with our sales team for access to deeper discounts when you commit to usage.


Train your data apps to automate efforts with ML and AI templates
Custom Talk to sales
  • All of Connections & Governance
  • Deployment Support
  • Data Labeling
  • Integrations
  • Requested Add-Ons
  • Enterprise SLAs
  • Account Security

Frequently Asked Questions

At DataGovs, we define a normalized unit of processing power as a DataGovs Unit (“DGU”). We use this to measure data governance units processed as a system of measurement and pricing. 

Yes, Credit card required to start free trial. New customers only. Cancel anytime.

Yes, for enterprise clients we use purchase orders which we send at the end of usage. Clients with enterprise plans can reach out to us at