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DataGovs becomes ESRI Partner

Gregory Johnson

Co-Founder and CEO

DataGovs is an ESRI Partner

June 6, 2021 – Today, we at DataGovs are excited to share that we are an ESRI technology partner. DataGovs’ mission to enable the responsible use of data to drive safety, sustainability, and efficiency across operations powering the economy. To do that, we plan to foster relationships with the player that power the operations of our customers. ESRI is a global market leader in GIS.
” We put our customers first. Many US state and local governments use ESRI products to power their operations and geospatial mapping data. That is why this partnership makes sense for DataGovs and our customers.” – Gregory Johnson
Over the next few months, we will spend time with our customers to learn where the ESRI connector best fits to know the best place to integrate our service. We will listen to the market. As power users of ArcGIS and other services over the years our staff is also excited by this partnership as this gives us space to dream of innovations.  
To learn more about DataGovs, check out more at www.DataGovs.com. To see who we also have partnered with go to www.DataGovs.com/partners 

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