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TL:DR; We now connecting directly to your cloud storage provider to help data teams automate monitoring and governance of their data issues.

Our costumes and partners use multiple clouds to store and leverage their data. We hear the challenges daily that beyond storing data they want to be able to manage and govern data across any cloud not one.  DataGovs runs on multiple clouds including Azure and Google Cloud. We do this because as a service we need to be aware of where all the data is for better performance and data governance policies that match the requirements on requirements.

This is why we are proud to roll out multi-cloud support for data storage to each of our customers using DataGovs starting with data storage that can be natively done on Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform.  We call this Azure on DataGovs, or Google Cloud on DataGovs because it sits on top of your cloud while our API makes it easy for you to check which (clouds) to store data on.

The Challenges

  • Data teams all have tools, stacks, and applications they use depending on the region and area of a cloud. ( Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud)
  • Limitations in cloud storage always revolve around a central hub to visibility see spending on storage and computing – with better data sharing in an automated way.
  • Data ingested from multiple sources increase the cost of cloud storage often times requiring a data lake approach to lower data storage 

Our Approach – Enable Data Teams

The multi-cloud approach is becoming the norm as everyone running their cloud infrastructure as a service will adopt the best cloud service to match their requirements. This will change depending on a number of factors.

  • No Vendor Lock-in – Adopt the cloud(s) that meet your requirements and compliance outlines using DataGovs as a source to read all the storage of data for efforts requiring monitoring of data reliability.
  • Manage Clouds Anywhere  – Leverage DataGovs in supporting the monitoring clouds tied to real-world physical operations with internet-connected devices (e.g phones, devices, sensors, or machines)
  • Real-Time Governance – Gain visibility on key operational needs tied to policies and compliance goals with a feed of issues being self-reported or automated reported by the devices themselves. 

How It Works – Cloud Agnostic

  1. Connect – Use our API or Graphical User Interface to add the cloud storage of choice then pay the normal storage cost (no additional fees).
  2. Automate – Link your policies or tracking needs in-app for DataGovs to optimize cloud storage and computing in the cloud(s) of choice.
  3. Monitor – Track issues from your phone or existing applications tied to your team including our the box dashboards or other BI tools. 

What’s Next?

DataGovs plans to enable data teams by simplifying how they approach using data, analytics, and AI to drive operations. This means continuing to improve data processing and monitoring of issues to respond to needs faster. 

  • Customer Needs – We’ll continue to adjust based on customer needs. 
  • Design-Centered – We’ll prioritize simplicity and security in the governance of data.
  • Improving models – DataGovs is its biggest customer and we will continue analyzing our own data to improve operations for better billing and reporting.
  • Cloud-Agnostic –  As we see needs fit, we’ll continue being cloud-agnostic.

Integrations – We’ll support customers with integrations that drive business goals.

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